All of the lessons at Celebrity English Tutor are personally customised to work with each individual student. Because every student is at a different level with their speaking, writing, listening and comprehension skills, we feel it’s in their best interest to develop individual lesson plans which fit with their abilities. Our plans will will help to reinforce what they already know, while also expanding upon it. This method gives them a solid groundwork to build their English language skills from while developing their knowledge and confidence.

Integration between lesson work, personal preferences and online habits is also encouraged. Does a particular student spend a lot of time watching and commenting on YouTube videos? We would encourage them to comment in English to practice and improve their abilities. Do they have any friends who are also interested in improving their English? They should all make an effort to attempt to only speak English when in each others company.

By changing small habits to help students regularly utilise their knowledge of the English language we are able to give our students a huge advantage in their quest to learn.

During the initial lesson where our Celebrity English Tutor will gauge the capabilities of the student, they will also find out about the students hobbies, habits and lifestyle which will help us develop a personalised English lesson plan that will be fun, engaging and most of all, highly effective. 

If you would like to know more about how we develop our lessons or just find out about how we can help you improve your own English skills, get in touch with a member from our team, today!
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