Hong Kong a Better Place Than You Think!

Hong Kong is a special territory & administrative in Republic of China. This place is located in the south eastern region of china. The territory was under British rule till 1997 and was handed over to chin with autonomous administrative ruling. Hong Kong is one of the well-developed territories in the world and English language still is dominant in this region. You find many people from different cultural backgrounds and different countries. 

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The Brief History of Hong Kong

The official spoken language is Cantonese in this territory. The history of Hong Kong goes down the centuries. She was in the ruler of Imperial China since the year 240 BC. The territory then was discovered by the Portuguese in the year 1513 by the European explorer Jorge Alvares. Later this place has come under the control of British rule from 1842 to 1941. The Island was then occupied by the Japanese for 5 years between 1941 and 1946. The British then resumed their occupancy of Hong Kong region in 1946 till they place was handed over to Republic of China.

The island along with its respective controlled territories were handed over to China with special status and has officially ended the British invasion ruling across the world nations and Hong Kong was the last British territory that was ended in the year 1997. The loss of Hong Kong from the British rule had shown a lot of deficit in their kingdom. 

The Governing structure of Hong Kong is on election basis but elected only by the governing representative rather the people. Though the territory is under China, they still follow the legal system and Judiciary laws that were practiced in the British colonial rule of Hong Kong. The currency of this area is Hong Kong Dollar (HKD).

Geographical Distribution & the Climate

The Hong Kong region has a total of 18 administrative districts. The territory has Main islands, Kowloon and the new territories. Hong Kong is very near to Macau island and is also known as most expat area in Southeast Asian region. There are nearly 200 islands which are offshore belonging to Hong Kong. The weather conditions are pretty much similar to the west coast of United States. The average minimum temperature is 46˚F/ 7.7˚C and the maximum it reaches 97 ˚F/ 36˚C in a year.

Languages of Hong Kong

Hongkong LanguageThough British left Hong Kong nearly about 20 years ago, it is still the official language in the Region. Other than English, Cantonese is also the official language. Until 1974, English was the only language spoken in this region; however the increase immigrant from canton region of China, Cantonese was also included in their official language gazette. Other than these two languages, Hakka and Teochew are also spoken in the other territory islands due to the presence of tribal communities in those areas. 

The importance of speaking English has grown enormously in Hong Kong due to its humongous growth of international business investments from many major banking organizations. You can find almost all the major investment banks in Hong Kong due to which the living cost has been increased. There are so many people in Hing Kong and its territory islands do not speak English which has been the major drawback for them to not getting employed in a white collared employment category. The non-English population has been restricted to work only in the skilled employment and were unable get into the high profile jobs as they need to communicate only in English due their international business relations.

Armed Forces

The Military forces and security is at its best than many other countries in the world. The Military administration is handled by Republic of China ever since British have left the region. The Military forces were restricted to be stayed within the limits of their armed premises and their entry is strictly prohibited into the civilian living area of Hong Kong. There are local police administrators who will follow the laws of autonomous region. The Military force will entry only with the request from the local police during the emergency situations like natural disasters and other emergencies. 

Human Rights in Hong Kong

The Human rights in Hong Kong region are well intact under the control of people. The citizens are the main followers and rulers of their own rights. Hong Kong is one of the very few free living regions in the world. The restrictions are very less and you can do whatever you want without the permission from any authorities. The autonomous region is under the control of chef executive who will elect by the governing bodies. Though the region belongs to mainland China, the Human rights were always in autonomous administrations. The people in Hong Kong are pretty much clear about it and can never ever give an upper hand to Chinese laws. 

Employment in HongkongEmployment in Hong Kong

Though the autonomous territory is very small, due the huge investment base in the region made the island 15th best in the world in terms of export. The international trades are very much influenced in this place and the ease of getting employment for English speaking people is quite good. 

The English teaching schools are increasing day by day and the demand for English teachers is outstanding. The students are more focused on learning English than other trade skills as the high profile jobs are being offered pretty quickly to the English speaking persons. 

Living & Expenses

Hong Kong is always known for being expat in celebrations. Though the place is under Chinese rule, you can find many English cultural activities being celebrated in these islands. The cost of living is pretty much high in Hong Kong and students do have place to live where they can afford. 

Due to the high dense population, the demand for living places has increase which led to the increase in the price for accommodation. Though the place is expensive, the salary is also quite good enough to compensate. Most of the people are pretty much happy with small apartments that are 2 bedroom studios. The average rent for a normal 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom houses range between 10,000 USD and 25,000 USD per month which is quite expensive than living in Manhattan or Malibu. 

Areas of Hong Kong

There are many expat areas in Hong Kong just like Times Square & Las Vegas in USA. The special areas to be mentioned are Central Hong Kong is the capital region for most of the financial centers. You can find an amazing skyline view of central Hong Kong from Tsim Sha Tsui region from the opposite side. 

Tsim Sha Tsui is a modern living urban area which belongs to the neighbour island Kowloon. The place is completely an expat area where you would find all sorts of cultural communities. This region is known for exports from Victoria sea harbour. This place is more famous for its trade businesses and has a beautiful look as well at nights from the central island area.

MongKok is the most expat area in southeast Asian region. It reminds us of Las Vegas even during the day time. The night life is amazing in this place never sleeps at any time of the year. The place is known for its exciting crowd which is always active throughout the year. The retail & restaurant business runs pretty well as the people enjoy eating outside in these areas. 

Mongkok Hongkong

Tourism in Hong Kong

Hong Kong was the 11th most popular destination for international tourism than countries worldwide, with a total of 28 million tourists contributing a total of 40,000 million USD in international tourism business. Hong Kong is also the most popular place for tourism, almost double than Macau. Word’s best Disneyland is in Hong Kong region. 


Hong Kong is the 8th expensive city for expats. Hong Kong is ranked 4th in millionaires living households, after Qatar, Switzerland & Singapore and more than 9% population are millionaires. Hong Kong is stood 2nd in the world by the most billionaires per capita after Monaco. Hong Kong was the second best in the Ease of Doing Business, next to Singapore. Hong Kong is first in the world in the friendly Capitalism by the Economists. 

International Relationships

Hong Kong Law deploys all external affairs to Foreign Ministry of China, but the territory holds its sole rights in promoting international relations in the external organizations, co-operative bodies, sports & cultural events. Under the Hong Kong, China tag, Hong Kong does maintain active participations with foreign countries in the World Trade Organization the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, International Olympic Committee, International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) and International Basketball Federation (FIBA). Foreign Representatives of Hong Kong takes care of the other fields like economy, monetary financing, , trade, shipping, communications, tourism, culture & sports.

Hongkong InfrastructureInfrastructure in the region

The development in this territory was pretty much very higher than any other Asian countries. The business investments had made the place to develop at high pace. Hong Kong’s transportation network is pretty much highly developed. More than 90% of daily commutes are through public transport. The development of MTS (Mass Transit Railway) had been a boon for Hong Kong. They provide transportation to nearly 3.5 million every day on weekdays. The have a special transport card called octopus card which can be used for any means of transport. 

Name anything like metro trains, trams, ferries; buses, taxis and even the ropeway do accept this card system. You just need to add cash into the card and use it anywhere you want in the entire Hong Kong. 


Education is pretty much simplified and very developed. You can find many business schools and international high schools for the students in Hong Kong. All the public schools in this region are under the control of the Hong Kong Education bureau. The school fee is pretty much subsidized and is very hard to get into the school. The competition is heavy and students are admitted only through merit but no the social and economic status. There are some Christian missionary schools but most of the people prefer their kids to get in to the public schools due the education quality standards. 

Culture in the region

Hong Kong is the best example for the quote “west in the east”. You would definitely not have any idea that you were in the eastern part of the world. Right from Disney land to heavy skyscrapers constructions, everything is westernized in this region. Though they are developed people, they do have some superstitious belief of number 4. You can never find any building with a floor number 4 as it means death in Cantonese language. 

The Hong Kong does have its own cuisine other than Chinese. The fats foods were first developed in this area in the world. They have a special cuisine known as Dim Sum. There were many Hollywood movies shot in Hong Kong. The region has its own musical form called Canto pop which was derived and inspired from Chinese and western musical forms.

Since the British ruled this region until recent past, Hong Kong is home for many sports like cricket, football, and had been for the venue for some games in Beijing Olympics in the year 2008. The region has a huge supporter base in the sports field as well and has won more than 6 Asian championships in various sporting events. 

Architectural Demand

Hongkong Skyline

Due to the increase in population at a huge rate, the architecture was always demanded to be innovative in the usage of space. The scope of development & construction is very less in Hong Kong region due to the space scarcity. The HSBC headquarters is termed as the one of the architectural marvels due its heavy construction in a very less space. 

The Territory is known for its natural harbour which is very deep that made the construction of multiple ports pretty easy. Hong Kong is known as the second best city in terms of having most number of high rise constructions next to Moscow. The city has nearly 8000 high rise constructions and is just 3000 less than its proceed or Moscow which has 11,000 high rise buildings and followed by its successor Seoul with 7000 huge buildings.