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Celebrity English Tutor was founded on the premise that student need genuine, face-to-face time with their tutor. We guarantee a positive, learning experience for all students – or your money back!

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Our English lessons are all custom developed for each particular student based on their level of skill in speaking, reading, writing and listening. Our new age teaching methods will have them learning faster!

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Costs for our English tuition varies depending on the number of students who require tutoring. Click here to find out more about the Celebrity English Tutor pricing schedule.

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Got a question about Celebrity English Tutor or want to discuss when you can start your first less? Get in touch with us today to find out more!

 Professional English Tuition Services


Are you looking for an advantage in life for you or your children?

Would the ability to speak proper and concise English give you the head-start you are looking for?

Look no further, our tutors have exactly what you need to improve your English skills and impress your friends, neighbours, colleagues and potential employers!

By utilising a variety of English learning tools in conjunction with practical application on a variety of platforms we are able to educate our students beyond what you would expect from a traditional English tutor. By making learning fun it is easy to encourage greater recall of words, phrases, and spelling, and through more regular cognitive recall we are able to consistently improve both spoken and written English, and listening abilities.

Our tutors can come to teach you in your home, office, or even meet you at a local park or coffee shop. Wherever the student feels the most comfortable is often the best learning environment. During our initial lesson we will gauge the abilities of the student in both verbal and writing skills, and determine their listening capabilities. Using this information we will develop a customised plan for their future English lessons, taking into account their current abilities, hobbies, online habits and their preferred social media platforms.

If you’ve been thinking about getting some of the best English tuition available, don’t waste anymore time. Get in touch with a Celebrity English Tutor today!


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