About Us

Celebrity English Tutor was founded on the premise that students should get real, face-on-face time with their tutor, in a custom format developed specifically for them. By utilising traditional teaching methods in conjunction with technology that students are more familiar with, we are able to increase the uptake and memorisation of the lessons and achieve better, long-lasting results. By teaching students practical ways to practice and, more importantly use, their English on a regular basis, cognitive recognition is increased dramatically. This is a very important part of all our English tuition and the foundation of how we make learning English easy!

The company was founded by Jay Martin, and Australian-born, native English speaker with a natural talent for languages. Jay completed high school with distinctive grades and received a special award for achieving English results falling within the top 1% of students in his home state of Queensland in Australia. After secondary school Jay went on to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at the University of Queensland the top university in the state. During his time at university and for several years afterwards, Jay built up his experience teaching children and adults while working at the Australian Institute of Mathematics as a technical consultant and tutor.